Basic Partner Training

Basic Partner Training are designed to give Agent Partners a head start by helping you develop basic knowledge and skillsets. Suitable for both new and current Agent Partners, these training will help you: 

Maximise Your Investment with


Strengthen Your Foundation with

Relevant Skillsets

Requiring little to no knowledge on the subject, they consist of short 1–1.5 hours training focusing on:  

AgentNet Onboarding

Create and manage listings, utilise
platform tools, data and insights to
optimise your listings for better

Supporting Skillsets

Attain relevant and introductory
broad skillsets to help you market
your listings and business.

 Training Topics​

All About AgentNet

Topic: All About AgentNet (Part 1)

Date & time:

  • 28 June, 10am - 11am

Who should attend:

All Real Estate Sales Professionals

  • Log in and manage your account

  • Navigate and run-through the fundamentals of AgentNet

  • Creating or updating Agent Profile

What you'll learn:

Topic: All About AgentNet (Part 2)

Date & time:

  • 29 June, 10am - 11am

Who should attend:

All Real Estate Sales Professionals

  • Gathering market insights

  • Learn how our discretionary products works

  • Gather more leads from Wanted Leads and Ask Guru

What you'll learn:

Date & time: 

  • Coming soon

Who should attend:

All Real Estate Sales Professionals

  • Discover free online marketing tools that will help you while working from home

  • Explore property searches that are currently trending

  • Understand SEO and SEM in digital marketing

What you'll learn:

  • Overcome the challenges of social distancing with online marketing tools such as Google Keyword Planner. Discover real estate trend from search engine users with Google Trends. Find the right keywords to use with Google Keyword Planner.

Your key takeaway:


3 Online Marketing Tools for Property Agents



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